MK McFadden

 MK McFadden hails from a smallish town in South Carolina. The daughter of a Early Childhood teacher, she learned everything about life reading books, watching TV, and going to the movies. As storytelling was the only constant interest in her life, she dedicated herself to learning the art and craft of screenwriting and filmmaking. To this end, she earned a bachelor’s degree in film and television from SCAD and a master’s in creative writing at Full Sail University. When she is not working at various day jobs, she writes various stories in various mediums about our technology and its implications on society. MK is 27 and resides in Los Angeles, where it rains more than she expected.


Jen Sparkman

Jen Sparkman runs an online magazine called The Articles of Antiquity. When she is not interviewing the coolest artists, designers, and writers in Los Angeles, she works in post production. She writes both nonfiction and fiction pieces and has published long form articles for magazines and journals. Fun fact She loves brunch, tacos, and the Fleet Foxes. 


Tim Paolino

Originally from Buffalo, NY Tim survived multiple winters and being snowed in for a week without power.  During which he had plenty of time to read, and developed a love of Stephen King and Clive Barker. Searching for warmer weather He went to school in Savannah, Georgia where he was finally able to combine his passion for writing with his love of movies. After graduating Instead of moving home to an igloo and a hockey team that can’t clinch the playoffs he moved again to Los Angeles, where he currently reside with two roommates and something that lives under his sink and won’t leave him alone. Tim's work ranges in genre, usually a combined dose of things to make his audience laugh, cry, and look at at him and ask, “really?” He also has painstakingly written a top ten movie list on his iPhone that he would love to share with you. 


Alish Dahal

Alish Dahal is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer from Nepal. He writes screenplays, short stories and performs at live storytelling events. He is also a quadruple threat, equipt with the optimism of Kimmy Schmidt, the ambition of Frank Underwood, the humor of Ellen Degeneres, and the fashion sense of Donald Glover. He pours his unique style over the pages of his writing, just like he pours soy sauce over steaming bowls of Pesto and Linguine (I said he was unique!)


Kenny Prawat

Kenny is a South Bend, Indiana native, and a SCAD graduate with a MFA in Film and TV. He writes comedy (sketches, sitcoms) and mumble core style features. He is known for his clever dialogue and loose narratives (for features) with unexpected payoffs.

As a transplant Angeleno, He does a lot of urban and local park hiking.  He also enjoys exploring small towns that are uncommonly visited. However, his heart belongs to the Great Lakes region of the US (where he stores his faithful kayak).  

Also, his cat has one ear. His wife earns more money than him, and he is ok with both.

Thomas Colen

Writer. Production Designer. More details coming soon. 


Anna-Kate Blackford

Anna-Kate is a writer with a deep love of camp, puns, social commentary and TV shows that explore gender politics. In the summer of 2016, she decided to start the LA SCAD Alumni and Friends writing group. In addition to running the group, Anna-Kate writes novels, original screenplays, specs, short stories and performs at live storytelling events.