Anna-Kate Blackford is a comedic story teller, screenwriter, blogger, fiction writer,  and writing group leader, whose style can best be described as unhinged and bubbly.

Anna-Kate currently is a starving artist with a day job at Trader Joe's (Because she enjoys manual labor, and they have great insurance!) Prior to her current occupation she was the executive assistant to two Television Producers in Los Angeles. Prior to that position she worked as a receptionist at an Architecture Firm. Prior to the Architecture Firm, she was a Traveling Holistic Dog Food Salesman, a Professional Lice Picker, an unpaid commercial production intern, an unpaid writer's intern, an unpaid reality television intern, and an unpaid production design intern.  

A fancy person once told her never to admit to having done anything as unglamorous as food service or retail. She decided not to follow their advice and instead wrote about it on her website in the third person.