Hello Fellow SCAD and LACHSA Alumni!

Since graduating from SCAD, I have had a series of internships and assistant positions in the entertainment industry. One of my primary duties at these jobs has been sorting through resumes to find the best potential hires for my bosses.

Today I provide resume and cover letter consultation as a side business. After receiving my assistance, clients have experienced as much as a 40% increase in responses from potential employers. One of my customers was even told that her cover letter was “the best they had ever received.” (She got the job too!) 

So SCAD and LACHSA Grads, if you're having trouble getting your foot in the door, and think your resume/cover letter might be a part of the problem, please contact me! I would love to help you make a resume that reflects all you have to offer! FREE OF CHARGE!

(Limited to 10 resumes/cover letters a month, first come first serve.)

Contact me: annakateblack@gmail.com